The Sussex Wildlifer
Genealogy: Lister of East Yorshire, Moreton of Hampshire, Horne of Northamptonshire and MacLean of Bualnaluib, Loch Ewe

This is my own family history and contains many family trees and details of distant relatives living right round the world. Some of these were visited during the course of my world wildlife odyssey, which is detailed in my book In the Footsteps of my daughter: A Wildlife Odyssey. I am not for one moment trying to suggest that my relatives should be classified as wildlife! Far from it; meeting them all was a very rewarding experience.

This details my own family history and copies of my book are available to read at the Society of Genealogists in London and York City Archives. Completed in 2004, this book had only a limited print run and there are now no copies for further distribution. It may be possible, however, to provide copies of the original digital files for a small donation to one of my favourite charities.

My paternal grandfather was Charles Edward Lister, who was born in Great Driffield, Yorkshire in 1881. The first section of my book details the Lister families of Bridlington, Whitby and Great Driffield and the Hardy, Jennison, Buckham and Stephenson families of Yorkshire and Northumbria.

My paternal grandmother was Maggie Moreton, who was born in Winchester in 1883. This second section of my book details: the Moreton families of Winchester: the Young families of Somerset, Wiltshire, Hampshire & the States: the Lippiatt families of Somerset and the Taylor families of Hampshire and the United States of America.

My maternal grandfather was Thomas Horne, who was born in Cleethorpes in 1884, but lived most of his life on the Romney Marsh in Kent. The third section of my book details: the Horne families of Northamptonshire and Tasmania: the Talbot families of Northamptonshire and New Zealand and the Goodman families of New Zealand.

My maternal grandmother was Evelyn MacLean, who was born in London in 1886. The last section of my book details the MacLean, Beaton, Campbell and MacKenzie families of Wester Ross and the Clampitt, Lee and Lake families of Devon.